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I’m good with words. I edit them, proofread them, and help authors turn them into books.

Kim-Bookless-Speaker-BEA-Publishing-Chicago copyAfter years of working for some wonderful companies, including a large educational publisher and two historic preservation nonprofits, I launched a business doing what I do best: publishing consulting, editing, proofreading, and book production management.

I’m the Founder of the Chicago Self-Publishing Group and Vice President of Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP).

I mentally edit everything. It’s both a gift and a curse. I try to use it only for good.

Someday I will move to Rome or Paris and write about the ex-pat life. I’m still working out a strategy to get there . . . suggestions are welcome.

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My colleagues say…

If you want to publish a book, you need to contact Kim Bookless. From writing, to editing, to guiding authors through the self-publishing process, Kim is the professional who can ensure your manuscript becomes a book.

I've collaborated with Kim in various capacities including mutual publishing clients, the Chicago Self-Publishing MeetUp (which Kim co-founded) and Chicago Women in Publishing (where she is currently president).

Her extensive knowledge of writing, editing, and the book industry give her a unique insight into publishing and set her apart from others in the industry.

I highly recommend Kim and her services to anyone who wants to write a book (or is thinking about writing a book).

Paula Krapf
Marketing, Social Media and Content Strategist
Chicago, IL