Kim Bookless, self-publishing advisorI’m Kim Bookless, a publishing consultant, editor, and project manager.

That really is my last name. People ask me about it all the time, and some are sure I’ve made it up. The name is pretty ironic, considering that my life revolves around books and other forms of the written word.

I believe it’s a privilege to help bring books into the world. I guide and assist self-published authors through the process of bringing their books to life. I am the Founder of the Chicago Self-Publishing Group and Vice President of Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP).

Feel free to take a look around my site to learn more about me and check out my publishing and editing services. If you like what you see, contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk about how I can help you help you.


I work with authors to customize the book production process to fit the needs of the projects. I served as the project manager and/or editor for these books:

           Discover the Joy of Leading             Orchard

Tortoise in the RoadHacked Again   Chicago Street Cop

MaxzyneCall to Virtue         The Counselors

Restoring the ConsentAddiction is the Symptom    Side Effects

Seven Dogs          Branding Sutra         The Power of 10

Bright LightsContent Chemistry The Dolphin

I Am   It's Not About the ClothesSuperhighway


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My clients say…

Once I decided to independently publish, I realized there were many moving parts that needed to be managed in order to make a proper book. Kim Bookless was the perfect match for my project; an organized book coordinator, skillful copy editor and author cheerleader. She oversaw everything, beginning to end, even down to the smallest bits and pieces of the production process.

Do yourself (and your book!) a huge favor. Take advantage of her expertise. She is a wealth of information, has an amazing eye for detail and takes the scary out of self-publishing.

Caroline Lee
Author of Maxzyne Meets the Mannequins


Kim worked with me to create a new edition of my book and to release it as an ebook. She exceeded every expectation I had and surprised me with the level of organization, expertise, and real caring she brought to the project.

Kim took what I sought to accomplish, broke it down into steps and timeframes, and executed each stage until we had a live ebook and website. I recommend her involvement in any publishing endeavor as a Project Manager, Editor and Consultant without qualification.

Elizabeth Vrato
Author of The Counselors: Conversations with 18 Courageous Women Who Have Changed the World